Addressing climate change is one of the fundamental priorities of ESDP.

Climate change already has obvious effects, ranging from rising temperatures to rising sea levels as a result of polar frost melts, and more frequent thunderstorms and floods. These changes will in turn have serious implications for the integrity of ecosystems, water resources, public health, food supply, industry, agriculture, transport and infrastructure.

The severity of the expected impacts of climate change varies by region. Evidence from the most recent scientific findings made by the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the context of the 5th Assessment Report (AR5) undoubtedly confirms its negative effects. climate change.

Tackling climate change requires measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation globally and regionally. At the national level tackling climate change is one of the fundamental priorities of our government and our Ministry.

Actions to tackle climate change must incorporate a change in the existing development model towards a sustainable, green economy of low or zero carbon emissions using modern technology.

The development of this model should be based on the horizontal coordination of mitigation and adaptation policies in the fields of energy, industry, agricultural production and many others. The costs of reducing emissions and adapting to climate change may initially seem high, but they are very low compared to the costs we will have to pay for inaction.

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