Water is closely intertwined with life. It’s life. It is found everywhere, from clouds and oceans to polar ice and the underground. From seed to plant to human, whose body contributes about 60%.

Water is a renewable but limited resource.

Freshwater reserves are replenished through the hydrological cycle, however, the amount of water available is limited and its distribution in space and time uneven. Further limitation on water availability is caused by pollution from anthropogenic activities (urban, industrial, agricultural). Water is not a commodity like everything else, but it is not a public good, to which access can be uncontrollable. It requires prudent management, in order to satisfy its many and often conflicting uses.

Achieving prudent management requires an integrated approach that does not deal with the individual uses in isolation, but in an interdependent way. An approach that also takes serious account of not only human water requirements but also ecosystem requirements. The basis for such an integrated approach has been laid at the European Union level and in our country since the beginning of 2000, through the Water Framework Directive (2000/60 / EC) and the individual subsidiary Directives.

The immediate goal is to immediately stop the deterioration of water quality. The long-term goal is to achieve by 2015 all the water in the European Union “good quality” that meets strict ecological and chemical standards.

Compared to previous concepts, this new policy introduces innovative places such as integrated management, basin management, recognition of ecosystem water needs and the importance of citizen participation in planning, decision making and monitoring the implementation of water policy. The complex task of coordinating the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in our country has been undertaken by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, through the Special Secretariat for Water. With appropriate interventions, in the spirit of the requirements of the relevant Community Directives and in cooperation with the established Directorates of Decentralized Water, the Special Secretariat for Water aspires to create the conditions necessary for the effective protection of the aquatic environment and the rational and environmental protection. management and utilization of our valuable water resources.

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