Throughout the country, multiple environmental audits are carried out mainly by the departments of the Regions (Directorate of Environment and Spatial Planning etc.) but also by other services such as port authorities, decentralized administration, forestry departments, etc. over 1000 but no accurate statistics.

Due to the inadequate staffing of the Environmental Inspectors of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, there has been a steady decline in environmental audits carried out by Environmental Inspectors in recent years.

The environmental licensing process has been drastically amended by Law 4014/2011 which entered into force at the beginning of 2012 with the institutionalization of HE 1958/2012 on the classification of projects and activities (since then it has been amended several times to further rationalize the classification). of projects). The main objectives of Law 4014/2011 are to simplify, shorten and streamline environmental licensing procedures while ensuring a high level of environmental protection.

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